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I have loved to bake for as long as I can remember. When I was small (probably about three or four), my Christmas gift was a small play stove. It came with some sort of cooking oil so that the stove would heat up (yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but it was the early 70’s). My parents took the oil away so my stove didn’t work. I remember running to my room in tears and flinging myself onto my bed, positive my mom would follow me and give the oil back. I woke up later that day, probably having missed Christmas dinner. My tantrum had failed to get results; mom never returned the oil.

To work around the problem of a cold play stove, I used to float mini cake pans filled with tissues in a sink full of hot water - it was supposed to cook them. I think my mom was grateful I found a way to occupy myself, but seeing her daughter stand over a sink of water in the bathroom must have been sad. I’m pretty sure I got an Easy Bake Oven for my next birthday.

Now, I live in Chicago with my wonderful husband and four kids. I love to cook and find that people often ask me to share recipes. When I pass a recipe along to a friend, it frequently includes tips and changes I’ve made to the original – I want my friends to be able to recreate the dish and have it turn out as well for them as it did for me. I love cooking food that is delicious, straightforward, and doesn't require using an extreme number of bowls.

My baked goods are almost always a success with my family; cooking meals is a little more challenging. I have picky eaters and I rarely can find a dinner that is loved by the whole family. However, I cook almost every night and try to do what I can to make sure we are eating healthy, home cooked food whenever possible. With homework and afterschool activities, the time between when school gets out and bedtime is crazy. I try to find time to prep what I can earlier in the day (or the night before) to minimize the cooking and cleanup time once the kids come home.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog. If you have any questions about the recipes, just let me know!


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